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Green and Red Adventure Google Classroom

You can become part of the journal creating team!  Your perspective is fresh and valuable.  Your life skills and experience add a unique dimension to what you have to offer to homeschoolers WORLDWIDE.  Apply HERE.

Growing academy by learning and journali

It IS possible...


Behaviour CAN change without addressing it directly.  Learn the various root causes of poor behaviour or discontent in your home and discover a new and refreshing parenting experience.  

Simple changes can bring about BIG results!

FREE presentation and PDF interview to help you uncover contaminated roots.

Power Up! mini-course

8 steps to powering up your day and growing your life.


True self-care is filling your own cup with small things that make a big impact... The choices that help you pace your life to create an environment that you don't need a holiday from.

This mini-course gives mothers the powerful tools of compounding results. 

Contains BONUS Power Up! for kids course.

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