Mentoring for parents who know they can be more.

Growing Academy helps parents to deeply know and understand themselves.. to step into the champions they are so they can raise secure, grounded kids.


Find the more simple path, become the best person you can be, join a community of other parents, and fast track to feeling confident on your life journey.

This generation is full of courageous parents who want to do things differently.  They want to raise their children in a home where they:

  • are understood

  • are raised within their strengths

  • are celebrated and not simply tolerated

  • have the freedom to be themselves

.... and I love helping parents grow in freedom and identity.  

I learned a few years ago that to successfully raise the four champions in my home I need to see myself, and treat myself, as a champion too.

I love simple, practical steps that bring results FAST! Mothers don't have time to mess around with solutions that MIGHT help, they need answers that are quick and effective, ASAP!

Hi, I'm Mandy

In a recent survey I discovered that 70% of parents are longing for help to understand their children more... but they just don't have the tools. 


They don't have a vision for their parenting journey.  They struggle to connect with their children who are sometimes completely opposite to them.  They know that their kids have incredible potential but don't know how to tap into that.  They don't even understand themselves...

And THAT is my goal, to help parents KNOW and  UNDERSTAND themselves so that they can raise kids from a perspective of recognising their strengths and weaknesses and know, with confidence, which direction to guide them - within their own unique design.


To be parents who raise champions with purpose and direction that will change the world for the better.  

Your next steps forward...


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